Our team consist of several specialized handlers and K-9’s known as a K-9 team. Each K-9 team can train in a variety of disciplines including human remains detection, area wilderness searches, tracking, trailing, water searches and disaster searches. Each K-9 team is certified through North American Police Working Dog (NAPWD). Handlers have gained further knowledge through National Assiocation for Sarch and Rescue (NASAR) and swift water rescue courses. Part of being a team is the family experience each one of us shares. We train together on a weekly basis and our K-9’s are put through a verity of  simulations.

Our K-9’s are maintained by their own handler required to keep current on all vaccinations as well as receive routine medical examinations to ensure they’re mission readiness. Training and travel expenses for our K-9’s are provided by each volunteer handler. There is approximately 2 years of highly specialized training needed to qualify as a member of a Search & Rescue K-9 team. Some training is done locally while some must be done at various locations throughout the country.