4 State Search and Rescue is group of hard working individuals with hearts of gold. Everyone on the team uses their talents for the community and to help others. With family values we take care of each other and the others around us. We even refer to each other as family. Training together on a weekly basis brings everyone close and incorporates the members’ family as part of the team.

To be a part of our family takes a big heart for the community. No member is paid for their service or time. Each member must be physical fit enough for undesirable environments. Members must be able to walk great distances on treacherous terrains, walk through rumble, thick brush, and many unimaginable environments while carrying a survival pack.

You must be at least 18 years of age and submit to criminal background check. Once an application is submitted the application is screened by the governing body and voted on by the members. The board of directors will have the finally approval.
Once accepted, there is a probationary period. During this probationary period no dog training is done during this time. You will learn how to be a victim for training and this is vital to being a future dog handler. Other training requirements include the following:

1. Maintain training requirements. Probation required 2 trainings per month or 12 per 6 months.
2. Complete ICS required classes within one year of membership.
3. Able to assist in fundraising and public relations events.
4. Maintain excellent status for the community.
5. Complete CPR and First Aid training.
6. Maintain training logs

If you feel this is a good fit for you , we ask for you to submit the provided application in the link below and email the application to info@4statesar.org

Membership application form